Announcing the Fully Online Course 

January–March 2025

We are proud to announce that the January–March 2025 publishing course at the Seagull School of Publishing will be conducted entirely online.

A three-month course in publishing, run entirely by industry professionals. Inspirational life stories. Hands-on training. Lots of assignments. Online interactions with faculty from across the world. Understanding cover design and layouts, copy-editing and proofreading, tips and tricks of sales and marketing and buying and selling rights, across territories and languages. An intense learning experience that will enable you to work in publishing anywhere in the world.

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Student Voices

An (Extra)ordinary Commencement

Posted on Feb 15, 2020

A report on the first day of the 3-month Professional Course in Publishing by one of the studen...

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Beyond English

Posted on Mar 18, 2018

Renowned Kenyan writer Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o visited India in February 2018 on the invitation of Se...

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A Writer’s World That Doesn’t Exist: Master Class with Léonora Miano

Posted on Feb 26, 2018

Seagull author Léonora Miano visited India in January 2018. She interacted with the students of...

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Joseph Schreiber’s Art of Book Reviewing and Publishing

Posted on Feb 22, 2018

Mihika Agarwal After an array of different poets, authors, editors and translators, we had a fu...

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About the Seagull Foundation for the Arts

For over three decades, The Seagull Foundation for the Arts (estd 1987) has been actively supporting and nurturing the arts in India—especially the fine arts, theatre and cinema—out of a deep conviction and commitment to the belief that the arts are everyone’s responsibility.

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