The First Week at the Seagull School of Publishing: 2–7 April 2012

Posted on Apr 23, 2012

2 April 2012

Another month of another year, another venture towards another chapter in my life.

Added to my (read: wish) list of ‘must reads’ I have, Tomas Espedal’s Tramp and Against Art. Only this time, it jumps out of the shelf right at me. The Seagull core team embraces us with tender generosity. Of the many firsts in my life, today I possess a-never-before catalogue of Seagull Books’ Fall 2011–Spring 2012 titles so artistically introduced. Such skill and taste!

A chalking-out of the journey ahead of us into the world of publishing. Structured guidelines and directions are now mine to follow from this day forth.

The list of the names of my acquaintances and friends just got extended by another 25 new faces. Who is an acquaintance and who a friend remains to be ascertained with time. Yet, as of now, each has found a place in my treasure trove of memory, reinforced by the first glimpses through the broken ice.


3 April 2012

The Seagull story—intriguing, enthralling. Enraptured, I am transported back to my childhood when every story told, or read, captured my little heart. Today I felt just so. There was atumult in my heart with this super abundance of enriching experiences shared of the making of this kingdom. The Seagull soars and lifts on its wings, fledglings aiming to take flight.

Lesson learnt: Hurdles along the path get us closer to reaching our goals.

Face to Face 1:  Mahasweta Devi. Admirable. She holds fast to her right to dream. Against all odds she treads.

4 April / 5 April / 7 April 2012

Publishing Lives: Urvashi Butalia—Writer and Publisher, Zubaan; S. Anand—Founder and Editor, Navayana; Chiki Sarkar—Publisher, Penguin India.

Faces of such personas, each telling a story.

As each story unfurls, I am drawn. The connections between each life tell of the gravelled trail every traveller encounters en route to his divine destiny.

Pristine, clean and empty that my slate was, has now etchings taking form. The intention, I hope, is just what its implementation is. To me, an unravelling of novel revelations.

The picture couldn’t appear any clearer than the way we are seeing it unfold through the stories being narrated to us firsthand.

Zeena Singh
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